Departure Gallery : The Family 3

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Well, this video is very touching of the Grier family and it clearly shows how quickly time passes by in life. You can see as the video starts on the couch that the boys are really young and as the time goes on they get bigger and bigger. The music also adds an artistic flair to the entire video and touches your heart even more. So many good times with smiles and memories to boot.

Departure Gallery : Abstract 3

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“Bubble Up” Thanks to Pixabay and Unknown Artist


“Fire Vortex” on


“Lightning Rain” from


As usual, we share abstract art here on because that’s what we enjoy most, although we do have other realistic photos and cool pictures to take a look at. If you like the Fire Vortex of Lightning Rain and have a similar shot don’t be afraid to get in touch with us below in the contact form. Lightning Rain looks like an electrical box came in contact with a nuke and created a call of electricity that’s exploded all around. Very cool shots to say the least.

Departure Gallery : The Family 2

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All of these photos are credited to


“Family Smiles” by


“The Fam” By


We shouldn’t take for granted the family that we have which is why I love famly photos so much. You can see through the expression that everyone is right where they want to be at that very moment. The kid being held by Darth Vader is not scared at all, and he’s sitting patiently as the person takes a photo. I especially like the middle shot with the orange and green background coupled with huge smiles. You can tell their brother and sister, can’t you?

Departure Gallery : Portrait

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“The Hottie” From


This is the favorite shot of the month and the on the month is just beginning here! The women is extremely beautiful and the colors of red coupled with the blond hair and dark background make her pop from the shot. She’s looking provocative as she touches her index finger to the tip of her bottom lip. It’s the 3 reds (hair, lips, fingers) along with that background that work so perfectly.

Departure Gallery : The Family

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“Selfie Shot” from


There is a new way to take a photo and as you can see the family is taking full advantage of the “selfie stick”. The Photo-Phores websites claims the stick is meant for smartphones as a to capture the entire family with the extension allowed by the stick. The person holding the stick has captured a great angle that perfectly places everyone in the shot and everyone has a smile on their face. Did you notice the baby looking right into the camera, too? Just a great shot all in all.

Departure Gallery : Abstract Art 2

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“Dark Knight” by


Have you seen a sky like this in your time? It looks like it’s going to be a thunderstorm but yet the sun may be shining as the light hits the desert floor. It looks like it could be effected but after watching the AdventureJay website now for over a year I know that all the shots they take on their site are taken with a digital camera, typically a Canon DSLR. Try to capture a Dark Knight sky to this and post in the comments below to get your shot on this page of the site!

Departure Gallery : Real-Life Shot

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This is the top shot of the month for a number of reasons. The shot does a great job of capturing the graininess of the cement as it ripples across the bottom of the photo roughly. The sunglasses shine with a perfect reflection of liquor in the background. This must have been taken with an extremely high quality digital camera in perfect lighting because the resolution of the ground and the rack focus is just perfect.

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Departure Gallery : Abstract Art

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“The Vortex” on


“The One” by Unknown Artist.


“Ripple Effect” on


“Lost” – Created using Photoshop by Angi Luis


Thank you DeviantArt for supplying abstract artwork for the world wide webs. It’s great to see that artists are still creating abstract art digitally as you can see in the pictures. Photoshop is one program being used by a number of artists who are skilled in digital imagery. For more information and pictures based in the Abstract feel free to head over to the website right now.

Youtube Video : Abstract Painting

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As you can see from the video above it takes a large palette to paint quality abstract, but with enough persistence and training you can begin seeing great results. I like the painting that’s created in this video. Here’s a few shots from the video.

abstractpaint1This is an important step of the process : adding dark colors into the light background. This will add depth and contrast to even the greatest abstracts.

abstractpaint2If you play with colors as the artist in this video does you can start producing similar results. It may take months or years to see the same level of depth and color usage but you have to start somewhere. Try using more bright and dark colors to make your next abstract pop.